When the Man Comes Around

Sometimes you need a change–and when this happens, sometimes it’s best to change everything.

You may have come here from my old website, garrinknifeworks.com. You may have come from my Youtube channel, or somewhere else–whatever way, welcome. I’m  In the last several years, I’ve moved from place to place: Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and several places in Maine. Garrin Knifeworks followed me wherever I went; like me, it was a nomad, and could pick up and move with a minute’s notice. But things change, often for the better, and now I’ve found a place to rest.


With a permanent home comes a larger, permanent workshop, and this gives me more versatility in my work. The old name no longer fits, because while knives are still my meat and potatoes, I will soon be capable of much more. Who doesn’t like a little spice on their steak?

While I am not yet able to take new orders, I will soon. If you would like to know when this time comes, email me and I’ll make sure you find out as soon as I open my doors. Otherwise, you can follow my past and present work (both in steel, and in my everyday life) through this blog, or several social media platforms. See the RAISE THE GRAY BANNER tab.

Till then, fair waters and following winds.