It’s been a while. I feel like I should say that first–for the people who are here for the first time, and for the few who have commented before. This is the first time I’ve been logged in since my last post, and that’s too long to keep a blog on the back burner…I’ve been busy but that’s no excuse! Today marks the beginning of a new stage of Gray Banner’s life, and my own. I’ll be posting more regularly, and answering comments as often as I can. To those who’ve gone unanswered for some months: I apologize.

An update on the forge: it’s up and it’s running.

forge inside

I also have a few projects going: first, restoring a long-neglected anvil, to upgrade my little jumpy one. Second, building a small foundry for casting bronze. The latter will be vital for making bronze fittings for knives (and hopefully swords), as well as a lot of other cool stuff. Posts to come.

And an update for folks awaiting the Mehrunes’ Razor: I am working on it. The foundry will be an enormous step, and I hope to start on orders soon after. I am currently working on molds for the fittings–they will take some time, because I want them to be perfect.

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4 thoughts on “Housekeeping

  1. Greatings from Brasil!

    I watched your video on youtube and I enjoyed your work very much, it is so beautiful and plenty of art. I begun to make a dagger and a little knife from a flat spring, they are the first! I’ve never made some, I’m an instument maker. I don’t have a forge or other power tool to do this (I make my instruments all by hand, no power tools), only a little grinder to shape it very carefully to not heat and a drill press. I am making all by hand and leaves a long time, but does not matter, it is for fun! but it is a hard steel, difficult to work, but the next I will try to do what I learned in your video, soften and hardenen the steel because I could not drill a hole through the tang, simply the drill broke.

    Congratulations and I hope you can do everything you want.

    Thanks for share!


    • Thanks, Paulo! Best of luck on your future projects, too. Knives are fun to do, and with that skill you can make a lot of other woodworking tools too.

  2. So good to hear from you again, and so happy to see the forge is coming along so beautifully! I was one of the people who emailed about getting a Mehrune’s Razor many months ago 🙂 (I think it may have been July last year??) I can’t wait to see what sword designs you have planned to make, I’m sure they will be fantastic!!

    • I’m working on the Razor! Things have taken longer than I wanted, but I plan on offering it in the future. Swords definitely are on the list. I’m currently fabricating a long forge for heat treating–hopefully a future blog post.

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