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I’ve been making knives since 2002. It started with a coal forge in a shed behind my house in Maine – as I learned about the craft I focused more and more on bladesmithing: it’s a precise and nuanced skill, and the beautiful tools a smith could produce made the effort worth it. My life has taken me to several different places, often away from my original tools, but I have always found ways to work with wood and metal (even if it meant turning a spindle in my shower in Iowa, to catch shavings). After graduate school I moved back to Maine, and my current shop is set up in coastal New Hampshire.

You can get a feel for my personal taste in knives in the Past Work gallery. My design philosophy emphasizes functionality first – and a truly functional, well-built object is beautiful of itself. However, I’m also a fan of a little tasteful embellishment, so long as it doesn’t impede raw function. If you want a blade of excellent quality that will perform its job well, good. If you want the same blade, as well as a handsome artistic object that will last for years, even better.

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    • Luis–I can’t believe it took me six months to get back to you…for that I apologize.

      I hope to update my gallery soon–while I’ve mostly been working on shop tools and non-knife stuff lately, I have a few more items I plan on photographing. I’m also a terrible photographer, so that’s part of the reason I’m so reticent to post photos.

    • That’s a great idea for a future post–I’ll definitely do it once I work through the projects I’m currently wrapping up.

  1. I have a dream of a custom made Bowie knife that is big. 13″ blade, 6″ handle, 18″-21″ overall. The shape would be something like the Cold Steels Natches Bowie. but with another guard/hilt (S-guard) and a mirror polished blade with a sharp top swage edge. The handle i like, but also a coffin shaped handle would be nice (Love big handles). Just want the perfect bowie to hang on the wall and to show off, and of course to have it with me on the mountain and in the forest for chopping and cutting. Is this something you could do? Would so much like to get one knife like this made by you. I just love your work. Also, im not in hurry, so you can take your time.:o)

    Kind regards

    Thomas Aasen, Norway

    • Thomas–I’m so sorry it’s taken me this long to reply! The site was on the back burner for a long time, but I’m back.

      I’m not certain if I can physically make a knife with a blade that long–my heat treating ability currently only goes up to about 9-10 inches. I could certainly make a shorter version of the knife, or we can wait until my sword forge is finished. I’d be happy to do it when I have the ability–and I’ll definitely be posting about it when I do.

  2. This is super inspiring! I been meaning to get into smithing, but I can’t start until next fall, until then though I’ll keep watching your work!

  3. I am a collecter of blades, and i really like your work. I would like to order one of your mehrunes daggers. What do charge for one?

    Thank you,

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